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Memoirs of an Eternal Being

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Do you ever wonder why certain inexplicable phenomena bother you, and you have no obvious reasons why? What if the cause of those feelings or emotions didn’t start with something that happened in this lifetime, but in another lifetime? This book explains the journey one woman took to find out why she was emotionally and physically impacted by things she didn’t understand. It explains what she did to heal in various situations, and how it may help you as well.In this memoir, Rev. Lisa Rae conveys the intricate spiritual dynamics of both looking back and looking within to discover greater understanding of one’s life and purpose.

Rev. Lisa Rae Brooks

Interfaith Minister, Teacher, Coach, Healer, Spiritual Channel

Business Skills: Project Manager, Process Developer, Training Development and Delivery

Lisa’s light-bearing spiritual abilities range from being a conduit for healing of others, a message bearer and a Spiritual Intuiter. Through prayer and meditation, Lisa came to understand that her true calling was in the area of delivering God’s word to our youth and teaching metaphysical practices that cross the boundaries of many religions.

Lisa Rae Brooks retired from the Telecommunications Industry as a mid-level executive after 25 years in various positions including Sales, System Design and Development, Marketing, Pricing, Project Management, Program Management, Training, Training Development, Training Management, and Sales Operations Support. As she left the business world, she was the Director of a team of 23 dynamic professionals in the area of ordering and implementing complex telecom networks. She received several awards from within her organization, but one of her most prized awards was being named the 2012 Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women.

Her 15 years in the area of training helped her understand the gift of teaching and helping people understand complex concepts in a relatively easy fashion. Through her development and delivery of classroom teaching materials and on-line course development, she learned how to enable learners with the ability to accept and understand complex technical concepts and business applications in ways that they would never have thought possible.

On the personal side, Lisa is a mother, as sister, an aunt, step-grandmother, great aunt, friend and neighbor. She enjoys time with her family, friends and co-workers. She enjoys spectator sports, especially football and baseball, as well as participatory sports as evidenced by her 20 years whitewater rafting. Lisa also loves amusement parks even though she very recently gave up roller coaster riding as it no longer seems to like her.
Lisa’s caring personality, business and organizational savvy, as well as her mentoring experience make her a wonderful person to work with as well a great friend and coach.

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Rev. Jane Batt

I just finished reading this book and Wow – I appreciate the sharing. All this experience and insight. I especially appreciate the story about going beyond the bible gender roles, and other situations of moving beyond limiting cultural beliefs, and the evolution of awareness about relationships, and receiving support for spiritual work, and introducing varied forms of spiritual healing that many people are ready for now.

Alex Steptoe

I just finished this book, and I’m still spinning. The new rage is birthday cake unicorn rainbow sprinkles. Multi-colored all the colors in the rainbow. Sometimes I take a bite for the adventure – Wow an explosion of what flavor? Hell, give me plain pound cake (moist) of course – lol.
I really got a lot from her journey and the search for the answer that only God can say. What you talking about Willis?

Navine Baskerville

What I like most about this book is that the author’s personal experience helps the reader who has had similar experiences, feel less frightened by them. It is a personal journey of one who experienced the world of disincarnated beings firsthand, beginning in early childhood, which later led her to becoming an “unwilling” medium . If one did not believe in reincarnation at the beginning, by the third chapter, one would be anxious to discover who they were in a past life. Many healings came about based on her awareness of incidents in other lives.
It is extremely useful for those seeking a more spiritual view of the world in which we live, opening up whole dimensions around us, teaching us how to improve this life we are living in, right here and right now.


I had an opportunity to review this wonderful book before it was published. I couldn’t put it down. It’s a page turner. I wanted to know as much as I could about Rev. Lisa Rae’s past lives. I learned so much from her book and decided to check out my past lives as well. It’s a must read.

James Webb

This fascinating and engaging journey provides valuable tools for anyone who wants to be more self-aware in order to heal. Her journey engages us, and reveals how we can all discover parts of all of us that we must acknowledge to heal. Her meditations and prayers are powerful and useful in so many situations. I recommend it highly.